bishop c.t. hanchey

Bishop C.T. Hanchey is a shepherd to the shattered, a voice of hope to the hopeless, and a strong arm to the weak. He is the founder and general overseer of Power Church International located in Monroe, LA.  Power Church International is a regional-influencing, interracial, interdenominational church that reflects the values and convictions of its founder. Bishop has amazing insight into the human condition, combined with an uncanny ability to communicate his message in a way that provokes us all to say, "I CAN overcome!"


Bishop Hanchey is a dynamic speaker and prolific author. His greatest achievement is his marriage of 31 years to his wife, Kimber. They have three children. Their oldest daughter, Savannah (30), oversees PCI Children's Church. Her husband, Donald, works in the media and sound department. They are parents to a very special little boy, Steele. Sierrah (25) and her husband, Minh, are nurses and are expecting their first child in fall. Seth (23) is a Miracle! His story of God raising him from the dead and overcoming paralysis and brain injury has witnessed to thousands of God's healing power. You can view his incredible story at

first lady Kimber hanchey

First Lady Kimber Hanchey is a strong woman of God who brings an anointed word of God. She knows two things well: the importance of Kingdom Relational Alignment, and the power of walking in Spiritual Authority. She is the co-founder and First Lady of Power Church International of Monroe, LA, the first interracial church in her region. She is the wife of Apostle C.T. Hanchey, mother to her three grown children and grandmother to Steele. She is the founder of The Team Seth Foundation for Traumatic Brain Injury Awareness. Her philosophy of living is 'Carpe Diem' which means, "Seize the day... Live your life today, so you have no regrets tomorrow."